GTA V parody social network launches, user-created MP content detailed

Rockstar certainly has a sense of humor, especially when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. If you want a good laugh go spend some time on just-launched website for GTA V’s parody social network “Lifeinvader”. Given how accustomed we are to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it’s quite amusing to browse around the “fake” pages which are populated by GTA V businesses, products, and people. “Liking” is called “Stalking” one of the site’s taglines is “CREATE FRIENDS TODAY”.

But while Lifeinvader isn’t real, the site actually works a bit. You can “Stalk” businesses that promise you in-game rewards, and you can login with your Rockstar Social Club (their actual social network) info which will then post to your SC feed. You can even share Lifeinvader posts on Facebook which just may be a further extension of the laughs to be had. Social network-ception? Try not to think about it.

Check it out for yourself:

Switching gears, Rockstar North’s president Leslie Benzies shared new info on the multiplayer component to GTA V (named Grand Theft Auto Online). Specifically, the ease at which players can create content:

We want to give players the opportunity to create anything that we can create within the team and for it to be as easy as sending a text message. I think we’ve managed that with the editors. Now anyone can have their own races or deathmatches spread amongst the world of Grand Theft Auto Online players within minutes. The race and deathmatch creators are the simplest and will be available first. We’ll then release more variations to allow any type of mission to be made.

We want people to understand the game before they go off and create. You only have to be a few ranks to be able to start, so you should be there within an hour of play.

Benzies then went on to explain the process of creating races and deathmatch arenas, which has been:


  • Select vehicle type (bikes, cars, trucks, etc) and race type (Normal, GTA Race, Rally mode)
  • Then pick the weather, radio station, police interference, and turn ambient cars on or off
  • Next, pick your checkpoints and test the race
  • Finally, publish the race and send it to friends


  • Set the game type, default kills, and the time of the match
  • Place spawn points and weapons
  • Place extra vehicles and props as obstacles or setpieces
  • Test, and publish

User-generated content seems to be a growing trend (as seen recently with Killzone:  Shadow Fall) and it’s absolutely a welcome one. Giving players the tools to be creative in meaningful ways such as this greatly extends the life of games and builds communities unlike anything else.

Are you excited for this [Halo] Forge-esque creation aspect of GTA V multiplayer? Do you have any ideas for cool gametypes you’ll be making? Share your thoughts below in the comments!



  1. Psn Griim says:

    After experiencing Halo 3’s forge mode, I can’t stop to imagine how this will turn out to be. I don’t know if you saw the article about GTA5 and how it compares to real-life cities. The map is huge, but one big upset (IMO) is their is a lot of land. Mountains and terrain. I was hoping for a big city. Like GTA4 but making that much much larger. But this game is going to be easily one the best games this gen.

    My custom games.


    Place spawns in correct areas. Place Power weapons/ RPG’s, snipers etc somewhere around the map so both teams have an advantage.

    Lastly to kick some ass and have fun of course

    • tripleWRECK says:


      Sounds like a ton of fun, send it to me when GTA V releases so I can try it out!

      • Psn Griim says:

        Online comes out on the first of October I believe. Hopefully by then I will get this stuff out of the way and spend many hours on it.

        If Rock* nailed this MP like they did with Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. This will be a very fun Multiplayer, and it will be hard to put it away. Couple things still worry me; Lag, Weapon balance and other things. But Weapon balance really doesn’t need to be addressed. This is more of a “Open world 3rd person” rather than a 3rd person like gears or even uncharted/TLOU. I don’t know if you heard but there is a total of 500 missions to be completed in MP. Flying helicopters, jets, deep sea diving, submarines, biking, golfing and your sport TENNIS. Haha.

        It’s a good transition to make before next-gen comes around. I’m very stoked for this game and I’m sure you are too.

        • tripleWRECK says:

          It may be the most content-packed game ever released, no doubt many will find it hard to pull themselves away for next-gen. In fact GTA V may be the only thing keeping some from selling their current-gen consoles haha.

          • Psn Griim says:

            One of the ign’s news men made a quote-“GTA5 looks better than ANY game on the next gen that I’ve seen.” Bold statement yes, is it true? It’s tough. I still can’t connect all the pieces together. GTA5 on current gen looks amazing. I can’t picture what GTA6, 7 and beyond will deliver.

          • tripleWRECK says:

            I believe it based on what I’ve seen, and TLOU in many respects looks next-gen to me as well. I can’t imagine how hard they’re pushing the hardware.

          • Psn Griim says:

            Well, they’re also more familiar with the hardware as well. Obviously in a year or two we’re going to see games on both ps4 and xbox1 that’re going to blow us off our feet.

          • tripleWRECK says:

            And then some. First-generation PS4/XBO games are looking considerably better though, not just in the visuals themselves but the 1080p resolution and higher framerates.

          • Psn Griim says:

            Yeah. But looking back at like GTA4 and then coming to GTA5. It seems like it’s on next-gen. The graphics are incredible and it’ll probably get GOTY and best graphics or maybe TLOU. I can’t wait and see what rockstar does for their next title. Same goes to naughtydog. Having uncharted 4 running on dedicated servers is gonna be wonderful. (If that’s possible)

            Other than that, good talk and I look forward to some new videos regarding this game and of course yours.

            See ya later

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