EA Working on an Open-World Star Wars game?

Various job posting appear to reveal the existence of an open open Star Wars action game in development at EA. An overview of what’s been uncovered so far is summarized below:

  • Animation director job posting was put up last month
  • It reveals that EA Canada has a Star Wars team developing “a major new next gen open world action game”
  • While tweeting a link to a combat designer posting for a mysterious open-world title in September, the studio’s then-recruiter said the unnamed game was indeed a Star Wars project
  • DICE and EA Redwood Shores are also working on Star Wars games
  • EA Canada Star Wars game could be Visceral Games’ title
  • The copy on the animation director posting says EA Canada wants someone who has experience with “multi-site development”
  • Another EA Canada Star Wars opening is a near-exact copy of another Star Wars executive producer posting at Redwood Shores
  • This job posting is for an executive producer
  • EA Canada has downsized its non-sports development staff in recent years
  • As a result, it would have to staff up significantly if it were leading development on the project
  • The three aforementioned openings are the only ones for this Star Wars title

The potential of so many triple-A Star Wars games on the horizon is incredibly exciting to say the least. I can’t wait to see what the Dead Space team comes up with, a new Jedi Knight game perhaps? If only…

What Star Wars games franchises do you want to see brought back or are you for all new series? Share any of your thoughts below in the comments!


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