Black Ops 3 – Two new Specialists revealed and Hands-on Impression Links

Treyarch has confirmed some additional information during this week’s Black Ops 3 multiplayer reveal, providing us with more details since the game’s initial reveal in April. To see all the known multiplayer details announced in April head over to here, and be sure to check today’s new multiplayer gameplay videos here.

Here’s details on the new Specialists, as well as some other info from here and there…

  • Prophet (New Specialist) – Described as on the cutting edge of human weaponry on the battlefield.
    • Special Weapon – ‘Tempest’ which is a powerful lightning gun that sends an electrical charge towards enemies. The weapon arcs onto all players within the vicinity and they freeze for a few seconds before dying.
    • Special Ability – ‘Glitch’ (was previously in the Reaper class) which allows players to teleport back to the position that they were at a few seconds earlier.
  • Nomad (New Specialist) – Described as the last surviving member of a force that specialized in jungle warfare.
    • Special Weapon – ‘Hive’ which is used to fire a proximity device. When enemies walk by, nano drones will appear and begin to swarm over nearby enemies and attack them.
    • Special Ability – ‘Rejack’ which injects a substance into the player’s bloodstream and is used to help the player recover from near-death situations.
  • Reaper – This Specialist was confirmed in April, but its Special Ability (Glitch) has since been replaced with Psychosis which deploys three clones of the character which can be used as decoys.
  • Six Specialists have now been revealed with three more to go.
  • In the Campaign, players can completely customize their character, from weapon and gear to male or female. Other co-op players in the game will be able to see the unique appearance of the characters, and it will also translate to cutscenes and other story moments.
  • Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, Kill Confirmed and Domination have been confirmed for a return. There will be some objective capture points that may be positioned underwater.
  • Underwater combat is supported, but there is a limit to how long you can stay underwater. Eventually you will start to receive damage and need to exit.
  • The Weapon Paint Shop, which allows players to create their own weapon camos, will not be available on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.
  • Momentum is key for the game and has been designed to keep players active. For instance, players will now automatically mantle over objects and through windows without needing to press a button.
  • Following on from the previous point, running is no longer limited, meaning that players can run around without feeling like they’re character is worn out.
  • There is a meter when a movement technique is activated, providing players with control on their movements. For example, holding the jump button will give a large boost, while tapping will provide smaller hops. The movement techniques (jump, dash, slide etc.) can be chained and will all affect the meter.

On top of that, here’s some external links with information and hands-on impressions:

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