Black Ops 3 – Open Beta for Modding & Mapping Tools now LIVE on PC

It’s finally happening! The Open Beta for PC Modding & Mapping Tools is now live in Black Ops 3.

The tools have been in closed testing since April and now more members of the community have a chance to try and create all-new content. Included in the Open Beta is an Unranked Server Browser to enable mod users to connect to each other. Treyarch are still working on the Unranked Dedicated Server files with a release date still to be determined.

A new update has been deployed with the following changes:

  • Black Ops 3 Steam Workshop***
  • Unranked Server Browser***
  • Radiant Level Editor
  • APE, Asset Property Editor
  • Mod Tools Launcher
  • Optional additional assets installation under Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 — Mod Tools’ DLC section. Includes more level building assets from a variety of official Black Ops 3 maps.
  • Full example maps of the Mulitplayer map Combine and the Zombies map The Giant
  • New Server Settings Menu in Multiplayer Custom Games and Zombies Private Game where you can set how your server will display in the Unranked Server Browser***
  • New Mods Menu where you can load and unload your subscribed mods***

***Downloading the mod tools is not required for these items or to play Black Ops 3 Steam Workshop content

Head over to here -> for all the details on how to play modded content and here -> to figure out how to become a top creator.

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