247 Screens of Super Smash Bros.

Below are 250 plus beautiful screenshots:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

What are your thoughts on these screenshots and recent announcements of new characters? At E3 2011, it was confirmed that Super Smash Bros. will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, with the two versions being cross-compatible with each other in some way. Sakurai stated that the announcement was made public in order to attract developers needed for the game, as development for the titles did not start until May 2012 due to production on Kid Icarus: Uprising.  On June 21, 2012, Nintendo announced that the creation of the games would be a co-production between Sakurai’s Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco Games. On January 23, 2013, during a Wii U Nintendo Direct episode, it was revealed that screenshots and further information for the next Smash Bros. game would be revealed at E3 2013.[

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