E3 Impressions: For Honor

For Honor was debuted by Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal during the Ubisoft press conference and showed off some pretty awesome and brutal medieval combat between three different factions, The Legions(Knights), The Chosen(Samurai), and The Warborn(Vikings).

For Honor was an interesting game, as it’s not really been a genre that a large AAA publisher has jumped into and produced a game around instead has been touched on by smaller publishers in games like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and others and while they generally did a good job with it, you can oft see where the game could suffer due to a lesser budget or other reasons.

As you can likely see in the trailer, For Honor is one beautiful looking game. Even at the state it is in currently the one level that we were able to play really showed off the beauty of this game. From the details of the other knights you’re fighting or of course when you execute them after winning a duel. The castle in that you were defending was not only realistic in looks but had a great design to it with natural choke points for defending while not cutting off multiple routes for attacking.

Most importantly however for a game of any genre however is it’s ability to play and smoothly. For Honor does this in strides really, it uses what seems like a very simple combat system that was relatively easy to learn the basics of in a ~5-7 minute tutorial area they gave us from breaking enemy guards to swapping what side your guard is on to attack from different directions. However once you think you have a handle on the combat system and are defeating bot after bot… we got thrown into a Domination match. Three flag points, with NPCS fighting at the middle, and first to 1,000 points disables respawning for the enemy team end then has to finish them off for good. Going against a real player really never felt so different in any game than in For Honor. When you land a heavy attack on a real player though and see their life drain by a significant amount is one of those feelings you wont get many other places than For Honor. While realistically in the 4v4 match none of us really completely knew what we were doing and were all likely mostly mashing buttons that we learned in the tutorial I’m pretty confident we all had a blast doing it.

For Honor has a lot of underlying features that some were able to be seen in game, such as the importance of teamwork. If you get into a 2v1 against two enemies you better pray because you likely aren’t getting out alive unless you have a lot of skill or luck on your side. Knowing when to retreat versus fight is also quite important. To gauge if you have time for a devastating heavy attack or only a light attack to knock your opponent off balance. So many factors go into one simple duel that creates a much more complex game even when I believe it’s a decently easy enough game to learn, it is definitely a HARD game to master.

Overall, For Honor was a great game at E3 and I had pleasure playing it even though my team lost. The Combat was simple, fast and, skillful. The Game itself was beautiful. Then of course the promises in the future for what the game will have is very enticing, with a bunch of different classes for each of the three factions, a full Single-player (with co-op support) campaign and, a multiplayer focus really makes me look forward to the future of For Honor and all of it’s upcoming content to be released for us.

If you’re interested in For Honor, it will be releasing on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Currently there is no release date and if you want to find out some more information about it check out their official website over HERE. If you have any questions about For Honor that I would be able to answer please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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